Imaging the Future of Asha: The Asha 410

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Hello Everyone, the Mobile World Congress brought us two new Series40 phones, the 301 and the 105. While the 105 is mostly interesting because it should only cost 15€ and uses Series40 (so Series30 seems to be dead), the 301 brings several interesting points to the table:     The lack of the Asha part: I have zero idea why this device is not counted as an Asha, especially since… As part of the 300er lines it is “high-end”: With only the 311 and its derivatives above it and with all those camera gimmicks like a panorama function, it is probably the most modern candy bar non-smartphone ever. It uses the new design language: Nokia announced, that all coming handsets, no matter if it is a Lumia or an Asha or numbers only, will use a similar design language. Even if the announced Nokia 301 is in the 300er range, it is no Asha and



Quick Thought: Should I write #2instawithlive for #Series40

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Nokia released the app #2instawithlove, basically to show Instagram how many users they could reach if it when they would release an official Instagram Client. My thought is now: should I write a similar app for #Series40? A webapp of this kind would be easily achievable. What do you think?


How To: Change the Icon of a Series40 App

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Hello! I’m using the Nokia Asha 311, which I won half-a-year ago (blog post will follow). I like my devices beautiful, so I was really annoyed when I had to realize, that Opera still hasn’t updated their launcher icon. It is still the same old 14×14 pixel image. I kid you not. It’s 14×14 pixels, stretched and therefor looks awful. What do you need to do this?   the .jar-file of the app a few programs to work with stuff a new icon   1. the .jar-file of the app Series 40 Apps are distributed inside a container format, called jar. If you receive the app directly from the programmer, this is the file you’ll download. The download page for Opera Mini for the Asha 303 is for example: You can use this for almost all Asha devices.   2. a few programs to work with stuff Something to open a .jar file: Since .jar container



Nokia 808 PureView Pre-Order Prices Round-Up

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I think most of you know about Nokia’s upcoming Symbian flagship, the 808 PureView. It is best known for its 41MP camera which should deliver unbeatable stills and videos. The camera is not the only good thing about the 808. For the first time since years, Nokia is offering a Symbian device no-holds-barred. HDMI-Out, 4″ CBD-screen, exchangeable battery, NFC, FM-transmitter, everything is there. For me the 808 will be enough for at least the next 18 months, which should be enough time for Nokia to come up with a new phone where I don’t have to loose features when I “upgrade”. So what does this device cost? Find out after the break! Here are the current (12.04.2012) pre-order prices. If you find other prices and places, let me know! Netherlands – – 565,00€ Germany – – 498,99€ United Kingdom – – £539.95 ~ 655,85€ Italy – – 599,00€ Read you later!


Symbian Belle Comes To S40, Too!

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Recently Symbian Belle, formally knows as PR 3.0, which will come after Symbian Anna, which will reach us early 2011, was seen on some pictures and devices. I found out about this via symbiantweet. There seems to be already builds for the N8 and the E7 and some nice people at Nokia are leaking more and more stuff to us. We know already a lot about the app menu and some other screens. But what was leaked to me will blow your mind! Nokia already announced that one of their strategic goals is “the next billion” and with more and more cheap Android devices they need top-notch devices. Their basis for this their Series 40 platform which always tried to look like Symbian… See more after the break! The following pictures where given to me anonymously. They are showing the next iteration of Nokia Series 40 which again looks a lot like the next iteration



Nokia: I feel sorry.

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Yes, it is true. I really feel sorry for Nokia. Because I have the feeling that no matter what Nokia is saying or doing at the moment, they get hate, sarcasm and complains. For example, look at the comments in the “We are now shipping!” announcement. One should think that this a very positive thing which should lead to very positive feedback. Well, it doesn’t… So what could Nokia say or do to get better feedback from the audience? They could start promising that NFC will be in all Nokia smartphones from 2012 but they tried that already and I am pretty sure that Nokia is happy that nobody really remembers it. Since Nokia’s MeeGo work “inspires both confidence and excitement”, Stephen Elop could reinforce that its MeeGo strategy remained “unchanged”. But, no, we know how that worked out. Lets concentrate on Nokia’s one and only really existing smartphone platform. Since the shipment of the


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