Nokia: I feel sorry.

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Yes, it is true. I really feel sorry for Nokia. Because I have the feeling that no matter what Nokia is saying or doing at the moment, they get hate, sarcasm and complains.
For example, look at the comments in the “We are now shipping!” announcement. One should think that this a very positive thing which should lead to very positive feedback. Well, it doesn’t…

So what could Nokia say or do to get better feedback from the audience? They could start promising that NFC will be in all Nokia smartphones from 2012 but they tried that already and I am pretty sure that Nokia is happy that nobody really remembers it.

Since Nokia’s MeeGo work “inspires both confidence and excitement”, Stephen Elop could reinforce that its MeeGo strategy remained “unchanged”.

But, no, we know how that worked out. Lets concentrate on Nokia’s one and only really existing smartphone platform. Since the shipment of the N8 started easily in Q3 of 2010 and it is “one constantly evolving and constantly improving platform”, we can be sure that those up-to-date browser and the split screen input can already be found on all S^3 devices. Because, you know, it is ONE platform and the updates come “as and when they become available”. And those updates already exist for the Astound, so they can be found on the other devices as well, can’t they?

At least we can be sure that those feature come in early 2011 since Jo Harlow promised it.

So what could Nokia do now? One thing for sure: Announcing anything and then waiting 6-8 weeks before delivering will not help them. Especially if the stuff they do deliver has the same hardware as the N8 from Q3 2010. I think the existence of the X7 made their situation even worse. When can Nokia now announce their promised Ghz+ phones without hurting the X7 sales AND getting hate from everyone who already bought a X7?
So Nokia can’t announce any better device in the near future because they would hurt them self.
They can’t deliver Anna without getting negative feedback because it’s too little too late.

But they have to do something. They have to create a positive track record of announcements and delivery. They need to win back the trust of the consumer and they need to do it fast.

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